Graphic design

Brandbook „Karolina“

Development of visual identity and example of personal brandbook Karolina.

Drawings and wallpaper

Illustrations of free type wallpaper on the theme of nature

Logo design

Logo design for specific topics (ReClock, Tolerance ...)


The Little Prince

Illustrations of certain paragraphs from book The Little Prince.


The goal of the campaign was to change the manner of thinking of adults as well as children.

What if

Have you ever wondered what if the world was flat? What if God does not exist? What if we lived in peace? What if there was a cure? What if there was a parallel universe? What if the Earth was a hologram? What if we don’t do anything? ... Have you ever wondered what if everything we were taught was wrong? Have you ever wondered WHAT IF? Project What If deals with those questions. The goal of the project is to start a process of internal review.